Ce spun cursanții despre experiența în cadrul Lexis

To state the most obvious benefits, Lexis prepared me to do well in a panoply of standardized exams, including Cambridge, TOEFL and SAT. More importantly, it equipped me with all the tools I needed to participate in English language instruction and socialization in an American university. Lexis doesn’t just teach English, but also transferable skills such as critical reading, clear writing and constructive dialogue. I found it difficult to pick up such functional literacy skills in traditional Romanian schools. But Lexis was available to fill in this educational gap, and I’m a better communicator because of it.

Matei Ionita, Postdoctoral Researcher in Bioinformatics, University of Pennsylvania

Modul prin care școala a decis să învețe elevii limba engleza este ceva ce nu am mai văzut la alte instituții. Profesorii pun în valoare cât știe elevul la momentul respectiv și încearcă să-i îmbunătățească vocabularul, pronunția etc. fără a-l face să se simtă inferior celorlalți. Am remarcat că la fiecare lecție, profesorii încorporează ceva nou și distractiv în lecție, dar asta nu înseamnă ca rezultatul acesteia este mai prost (din punct de vedere calitativ). Copiilor le este mai ușor sa își exprime gândurile despre un anumit subiect datorita mentalității deschise în educație. Cât despre lecțiile online ținute în aceasta perioada, pot spune ca nimic nu s-a schimbat, este ca și cum am fi în clasa, dar la distanta.

Sânziana Ene, cursantă nivel Pre-FCE

I absolutely loved every single one of my 7 years with Lexis! As a nine-year-old, I believed Math and Science were my bread and butter (I guess it also shows in what my work involves these days) but I thought I had no talent for languages. Yet Lexis changed everything. I genuinely loved every single one of my teachers over the years and I learned a lot more than just English from them – their kindness and joy was infectious and I grew close to each one of them. This is one of the great charms of Lexis – it provides just the right class size to allow enough interaction with the teacher and practice with a small group of students at a similar skill level. I remember the sessions passed by so quickly as we transitioned from one activity to the next, practising our English vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking skills. The teachers always showed plenty of enthusiasm as they worked their magic transitioning from one student to the next. Everything was so seamless and quite simply… fun! I met some of my best friends among my classmates at Lexis and loved walking home together after every class, switching at ease between Romanian and the latest English phrases we had just learned. Thanks to Lexis, I could watch movies without subtitles, read my favourite books as soon as they were published in English, and expand my collection of Physics problems with many more books and online resources in English. In the later years, Lexis helped me prepare for the Cambridge English Qualifications. Yet despite the difficulty of the exams, the lessons at Lexis remained fun and pleasant – there was not a trace of competitiveness, just good humour, proper (British) English, and great advice for test-taking that has served me well for many years to come. Towards the end of High School, when I contemplated following my dreams of studying Physics and Astronomy at a University abroad, moving to the United States and having to take all my college courses (at Princeton) in English didn’t feel like a barrier. Thank you, Lexis, for providing me with great friendships, a solid foundation in English, and proving me wrong: I actually loved learning languages!

Ana-Roxana Pop, PhD Student in Astrophysics at Harvard University

Mie îmi place foarte mult deoarece profesori sunt drăguți și asta mă ajută să învăț mai mult și mă simt mult mai bine după orele de la Lexis.

Nagy Timea – cursantă nivel A Seniors


Mie îmi place Lexis pentru că facem foarte multe activități faine și că totul pare ușor.

Abia aștept să mă întorc în școală!

Tudor Boiuru, cursant nivel A Seniors